Lamp Technologies Private Limited is a software development company based in Surat, India. The company was founded in July 2008 to provide technology and custom programming solutions to small, medium and big businesses worldwide. We specialize in development and maintenance of web-based applications & mobile applications.
The acronym LAMP refers to a solution stack of software, usually free and open source software, used to run dynamic Web sites or servers. The original expansion is as follows:
  • Linux, referring to the operating system
  • Apache, the Web server
  • MySQL, the database management system
  • PHP or others, i.e. Perl, Python, the programming languages
The combination of these technologies is used primarily to define a web server infrastructure, define a programming paradigm of developing software and establish a software distribution package
Though the originators of these open source programs did not design them all to work specifically with each other, the combination has become popular because of its low acquisition cost and because of the ubiquity of its components (which come bundled with most current Linux distributions). When used in combination they represent a solution stack of technologies that support application servers
Lamp was founded by Nilesh (ex-Yahoo) in 2008. In his own word
I had an itch to start my own company since long. I was not sure about what it takes to start your own company, but I was very much sure that I can do far better than what I was doing. I always felt that, things can be done different ways, things can be changed, things can be manageable. Some time you get chance to make things proper and some time you need to accept what others believe is true. Certainly, the later part was not so convincing for me. So, starting our own company was one solution for me to control my professional life and fortunately I have friends and partners with me who believed & supported the same idea.
There are two types of people in this world. One, who spent their entire life; doing job, making money, getting married, having children and live happily ever after. Now nothing is wrong in that. that’s what normal people do, seek for stable life. Others (like me), who don’t want to die with regret of not doing something, which their heart tell them to do. When I was in college, I read somewhere
Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do
Bit philosophical, but its driving factor for me to make decisions. Seriously, if we have only one life, do we need to do what other people, community think right or what our heart says is right? Simply I follow my dreams.
In everyone’s life, work occupies more of our time. And it is important that you enjoy where you work. Lamp provides very jovial atmosphere to work with along with work dedication and door to explore and learn. We believes in Team, and each contribution are valuable to us
  • To create value and make a diffrence
  • To achieve excellence in project execution, quality, reliability, safety and operational efficiency
  • To promote a work culture that fosters learning, individual growth, team spirit and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals
  • To involve in product development and aspire our passion to create and deliver somthing desirable
  • To create learning and projects for Academic students